Do Your Pet’s Need Flea and Tick Prevention 12 Months a Year?

Do Your Pet’s Need Flea and Tick Prevention 12 Months a Year?Pet owners can rely upon advanced flea and tick prevention treatments to keep your pet free from fleas, ticks, and other insect infestations. These treatments both work to prevent future problems and treat existing ones. No pet owner wants to watch their pets suffer or even contract an insect-carried disease. Some diseases carried by insects can also spread to other pets and even to people. Most pet owners that we see at Ark Animal Clinic in Las Vegas are happy to have us suggest preventative treatments or provide remedies for current infestations.

Does Your Pet Need Flea or Tick Prevention Treatment All Year?

When we suggest flea and tick prevention, many of our customers ask if their pet needs flea and tick prevention 12 months out of the year. This is a reasonable question because insects are usually more of a warm-weather problem than a cold-weather problem. However, here in Las Vegas, we enjoy a relatively warm climate most of the year, so there is no off-season for insects.

Fleas can survive temperatures just above freezing for multiple days. In addition, insect eggs may survive inside of homes before they hatch. Even if you plan to head for a cooler climate during the winter, consider offering your pet this sort of protection all year. Flea and tick prevention costs are significantly less than the much more expensive and troubling health problems for your dog or cat later on.

These are common choices that we offer for flea and tick prevention:

  • Spot treatments: For this treatment, simply snip off the end of a small canister to apply a treatment to a spot on your pet’s back that he/she cannot reach with his/her mouth. One advantage of a spot treatment is that you don’t need to convince your pet to eat an unfamiliar treat.
  • Oral tablets: You might prefer to give your pet an oral medication if you have small children around. If your finicky pet turns up his/her nose, you might try to hide it inside of some treat that your pet enjoys.

  • Preventing insect infestations on your pets can help ensure their good health and even that of your children and other family members. Compared to the cost of treating an insect-borne disease, preventative measures are cheap. This is true even if you have to use them twelve months out of the year.

    Here at the Las Vegas Ark Animal Clinic, we will tailor our suggestions to your pet, your family, and your preferences. Solve the irritating and sometimes dangerous problems of fleas and ticks by booking your appointment today.

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