How To Disguise Medicine For Your Pet

GHow To Disguise Medicine For Your Petetting your dog or cat to take their medicine is never going to be a fun task. They’re not happy, you’re not happy, the neighbors aren’t happy. The fighting and the battles may seem to be never ending, but there are ways to give yourself the advantage.

Your pet may be the sharpest tack in the tool shed, but you can still put one over on them from time to time. When you need to keep your pet healthy, try these tips to hide the medicine, so it’s not as painful for everyone.

4 Tips To Disguise Medicine For Your Pet

1. Flavored Medication

One of the easiest things you can do is buy medication that is already flavored as a treat. Of course the downside to this is that this trick is only fantastic if you have the option to buy medication that tastes like a piece of bacon or a hot dog, but not very helpful if you don’t. Currently, there are things like flea preventative, anti-inflammatory, and behavioral modification options on the market. This is only likely to become more popular as time goes on, so the list will undoubtedly get bigger as owners find ways to keep their pets healthy without the hassle.

2. Fragrant Foods

The smelliest foods are the best to try to cover up the noxious taste of a pill. You don’t necessarily want to choose your dogs favorite foods, so much as you want to choose something that may trick their taste buds into thinking they’re having a treat. Experts recommend things like Limburger cheese or even butter.

You may also want to do a very rich wet food for dogs (much like a pâté.) There are products available on our online store made for the purpose of hiding a pill. If your pet has to take a lot of medication, they may be worth buying to make your life much easier.

3. Switch It Up

If your dog loves to play catch, it’s time to start throwing them a few of their favorite treats. This is actually a great thing to do whether your pet is sick or not, it gets them in the habit of gobbling down whatever it is you throw to them. The first few you toss out should be straight treats, so that your dog gets used to catching and eating the treats without hesitation. When you throw out the third or fourth treat, they’ll be more likely to just catch and eat it.

4. Timing Is Everything

Sometimes your pet is more attuned to whatever it is you have up your sleeve. Instead of trying to get them to take their medicine when they’re at their most alert to your movements, try giving them their pill when they’re on a walk or playing with their favorite toy and easily distracted.

Keep your own motions extremely casual, because your dog will tense up if they notice that you’re getting tense. While this may seem impossible to do after even just a few horrible encounters with your pet, you need to stay calm for them. No matter how much it hurts, your pet needs their medication to feel better!

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