5 Reasons Why Vaccination Is Important

Reasons-You-Need-To-Vaccinate-Your-Pet-Ark-Animal-Clinic-Las-VegasVaccinating your pet helps protect your family friend from dangerous diseases such as rabies. This and other diseases can deteriorate your pet’s health leading to an early demise. At the Ark Animal Clinic in Las Vegas we offer quality vaccination services to the residents of Las Vegas.

Here Are 5 Reasons Why Vaccination Is Important

It Is a Requirement By Law

In the United States, it is mandatory for your pet to be vaccinated against rabies. House kept pets also require vaccination in case they accidentally get out or another pet or animal gets in the house. Certain states require specific vaccinations by law. In the event one breaks this law, they are liable to a fine.

It Protects Your Pets Health

Vaccination helps protect your pet from infections and diseases. New born pets have a low immunity, vulnerable to diseases and infections. Timely vaccinations allow the new born to get past that precarious age. As pets get older, they start to lose their natural immunity against diseases. Vaccinations and boosters are critical to boosting their immunity to prevent disease and illness especially at their old age.

It Protects the Health of Your Pets

Lack of vaccinating of your pet puts other people’s pet at risk. Due to the infectious nature of some of these diseases, this puts other owners at risk as well. In the event your pet bites another pet, the lack of vaccination ends up being a significant liability.

It Safeguards Your Family’s Health

The health of our family members is crucial especially for the young and the elderly. Zoonotic diseases such as rabies and leptospirosis can be spread from animals to humans. An unvaccinated pet is a risk to any one near him/her. The best way to protect your family from such a threat or exposure is by having your pets vaccinated. The vaccine’s should also be kept up to date.

It Is a Boarding Facility Requirement

All boarding facilities for pets require vaccine paperwork before boarding. The facilities require updated vaccination for pets. It helps avoid the spread of contagious diseases in the facility. The requirement ensures your pet is in a safe environment and doesn’t pose a threat to other pets and pet owners within the facility.

It Saves On Cost

Unlike general belief, vaccination is relatively affordable and easy to obtain. Vaccination has proven to be less expensive than the cost of treatment for the diseases they protect. Infected pets often require expensive treatment and a long period under quarantine away from family.

Many pet related diseases are completely preventable with the right vaccination. Vaccination offers pet-owners peace of mind and helps the pet lead safe and healthy lives.
Prevention is safer than cure. Vaccination ensures our pets and those surrounding them enjoy a disease free environment. Visit your veterinarian and ensure your pet is vaccinated and kept up to date on the same. Let vaccination give you peace of mind.

The key to the well being of your pet is to vaccinate them. At the Ark Animal Clinic in Las Vegas we offer quality vaccination services to the residents of Las Vegas. Our vast experience in dealing with pets puts as ahead of the competition. Contact us today for more information.

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